Superior improvisation – instantly.



Easy to use
Type in any chord progression via our intelligent keyboard in no time. Save and edit your songs. The input and playback section works even witout the analysis. Use it for jamming along.


Musical Analysis

All you need
Get a full-blown harmonic function analysis in real time suitable for each skill level. Decide if you want to use pentatonics, scales or arpeggios or all three together? Want to include a scale or pentatonic you don´t know yet? Learn it in our help section.


Midi Player

Connect everything
Play back the chords with our new designed player which allows for immediate play along while showing the harmonic analysis at the same time.


Superior Improvisation

No need to learn
The complete musical theory at your fingertips. Use what you already know and put it with Loreical into a new harmonic context to achieve stunningly melodic lines on the spot.

Hi There,

great that you found me.

I do harmonic analytics for musical pieces to provide you well thought solutions/methods for your improvisation. My inventors fed me the complete knowledge of the musical harmonic theory so you don’t have to deal with it. Just type in the chords of a tune you want to improvise to and i will show you which pentatonic, scale or arpeggio you can play at what time in the tune. The knowledge of years and years of studying music theory is now at your fingertips – in real time.
Your improvisation will improve on the spot and your audience will hear the difference in your play immediately!
Use my playback function to play the chord progression directly from your mobile device and start jamming instantly. I work with MIDI, either internally via the os, with inter app audio or external devices.
The analysis works in real time. Have a play and see how the harmonic structure of a song changes with each entered chord. Use this feature for example to achieve a distinct mood while writing new tunes.
And if you want to know why something works so good, you can find the rules of harmonic theory applied to your piece explained in my help section. We call that: „reverse learning“. Improvise like a god and learn afterwards what you just did. And yes i really do look at the chords in context of the tune. Its a real full-on calculation so i won´t just simply give you one and the same solution per chord.

Try me, have a play and improvise superior – now.



Chord Input

We developed the chord input section from scratch. Easy to use. A no-brainer. Enter chords with our intelligent keyboard in no time.


Instant Analysis

Get proposals for your improvisation or solo in real time. Our algorithm recognises the context and the feel of a tune just like an expirienced musician does. It even looks for the best playable solution.


Variable Skill Levels

Work with what you already know. Pentatonics? Scales? Arpeggios? Or all three? Its your call. Combine any and create impressive lines with unusual approaches.


No Need to Learn

Don’t know how to shred yet? Don’t worry, the speed of your play won´t be the measure of your skill anymore.  Impress with exeptional melodic lines. If you can shred, go for new harmonic contexts.


Reverse Learning

Find out afterwards why for example a particular pentatonic works good on a chord within a tune in our „how come?“ section.


Beautiful Player

Use the playback function to instantly start jamming. The analysis is displayed during playback. You can even use the playback without the analysis.


Midi Export

Connect external midi devices or use Inter app Midi and use your favorite sounds or devices for playing back the chords.


Save Proposals

Save every analysis and build a library with your tunes. No need to do the magic everytime from scratch. Open the app and start jamming.

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